Monday, 6 December 2021

Never Greener

I picked up Never Greener by Ruth Jones in a charity shop when we visited Derbyshire earlier this year and wrote about the Bookcrossing scheme that it's a part of. I've finally got round to reading it.

"The past has a habit of tracking us down. And tripping us up.

When Kate was twenty-two, she had an intense and passionate affair with a married man, Callum, which ended in heartbreak. Kate thought she'd never get over it.

Seventeen years later, life has moved on - Kate, now a successful actress, is living in London, married to Matt and mother to little Tallulah. Meanwhile Callum and his wife Belinda are happy together, living in Edinburgh and watching their kids grow up. The past, it would seem, is well and truly behind them all.

But then Kate meets Callum again.

And they are faced with a choice: to walk away from each other...or to risk finding out what might have been.

Second chances are a rare gift in life. But that doesn't mean they should always be taken..."

It took me a while after buying this book from a charity shop to actually pick it up and read it, but once I did I couldn't put it down. I didn't always like the characters, and it was a simple storyline, but it held my interest as I wanted to find out how it all played out in the end, and I suppose this is what keeps us reading any book.

I wouldn't say this is at the top of  my list of favourite books read this year, but it's certainly made me want to read more from Ruth Jones.

I can now pass the book along in the Bookcrossing scheme. I wonder who will read it next.


  1. I loved this book, and would look for another by her.

  2. Ruth Jones is so talented, I haven't tried any of her books though. It's always good to find a new Author to add to the library list.

  3. Now I shall have to find and read it as I am curious as to how it turns out in the end! The second chance is reminding me of the lady on the TV last week who met a guy whilst on holiday then, thinking it was just a holiday romance, they both went home but didn't keep in touch. Later she found she was pregnant but had no way to contact him. They met again a few years later by accident, still felt the same way about each other and married.

  4. It'll be nice to pass the book on for someone else to enjoy, the Bookcrossing scheme is such a good idea.

  5. Interesting, although you didn't enjoy, but at least its read & can go onto someone else. Take care & hugs.

  6. Is this Ruth Jones the actress or someone with the same name? The story sounds like my type of thing so I might scour the charity shops for it when I get the chance.

    1. Yes, it's Ruth Jones the actress, who also co-wrote Gavin and Stacey.

  7. I haven't read any Ruth Jones books, perhaps I shall in 2022.

    All the best Jan

  8. Bookcrossing is such a good idea.

    I have read about it here, but I've never come across one. I suppose Little Free Libraries are basically the same thing. We DO have a lot of little libraries.

  9. Bookcrossing is a great scheme! I must look out for her