Friday 10 December 2021

Festive Woodland Walk

As you know if you've visited my blog before, we often visit Lotherton Hall, a country house and grounds which is situated just a ten minute drive from where we live. They put various events on throughout the year and there's always something happening there in the run up to Christmas. I've posted about The Christmas Experience before but this year they announced a new and exciting woodland walk.

We always walk through the woodland when we visit Lotherton as it's Archie's favourite walk. The last few years has seen a Twelve Days of Christmas themed walk but it's all change this year, the Festive Woodland Walk seems to have more exhibits which are 'hands on' for the little ones.

The Christmas tree lined tunnel tells us it's This way to the Gingerbread house!

The Gingerbread House was all locked up today, I'm not sure if they do open it up or not, but you can look through the windows and see a lovely festive scene.

The carol singers will sing and spin around if you turn the handle.

I've never seen such huge presents. I wonder what's inside.

Pull the ropes at the ends of the cracker and you'll hear a joke. I like how there's a little bit of information about each exhibit too, educational as well as fun.

Awww, what a shame, there was no one to take a photo of  Mick and I kissing under the mistletoe in this picture frame. I did try to persuade Mick to take Archie in there but he was having none of it, Mick that is, not Archie, haha.

However, Archie does appear in Lotherton's advent calendar, much to his disgust.

Poor Archie looks thoroughly fed up, though he's used to us making him join in. He'd rather be continuing on his walk.

This little robin redbreast found a friend to perch on while we passed by.

We had a short walk around the formal gardens where there are more hands on exhibits. Press the buttons on the organ to hear a Christmas tune.

Tickets can be booked to visit Santa and there's an elf village where children can take part in some elf crafts, though I believe additional costs apply to these extra attractions.

I have to say that we always enjoy our visits to Lotherton, and so must many other people as there has been a steep rise in visitor numbers, so much so that Leeds City Council has recently announced that they're to spend £250,000 on expanding the car park. I just hope that they also improve the parking space which is already there as in busy periods it's like a mud bath, especially during the winter months. They've improved the paths around the estate but the current car parking arrangements leave a lot to be desired.


  1. Archie does look a bit peeved at being made to show his lovely face in the advent calendar! LOL

  2. Isn't that a wonderful walk! I have to say I agree Archie looks less than impressed up there in the advent calendar but do tell him I think he looks fabulous :)

  3. I am so glad I saw this post as my daughter, who lives near Thirsk, has been looking for somewhere to take the children that doesn't cost the earth but is festive - I will pass the information on to her.
    We will be close by to you on Saturday evening as it is our Temple Newsam light show treat for my daughter's 40th as she can't really hold a party and also a Christmas treat for all the grandchildren. I am hoping it will be worth the money. I'm not sure how we are going to light and cut the cake I am making in the car park though!!🎄🎄

  4. Lovely post and pictures, the one of Archie made me smile.
    There's nothing worse than a muddy car park. xx

  5. All the places anywhere near here that have festive light shows all charge the earth for them. I agree, Archie doesn't really look amused!

  6. That looks like a lovely festive walk, I haven't been anywhere festive this year, I think the children have been to a couple of things though.

  7. Lovely Jo & as I've been to Lotherton I felt like I was walking with you. I'm sure we've nothing that exciting for the kids out here, but thought a few more Carols by Candlelight might be happening, though we've only just come out of our major lockdown so they are also few & far between. Thanks for sharing & you too Archie. Take care & hugs.

  8. The photograph of Archie is priceless :)

  9. Looks like a lovely festive walk and I love the pic of Archie in the advent calendar, he looks really cute even he was a bit peeved at being there :)

  10. It looks like so much fun but poor Archie haha. Have a lovely weekend. xx

  11. That does look a nice walk, and I did enjoy seeing Archie in his photograph :)

    All the best Jan

  12. I definitley need to go to Lotherton Hall, what great walks.

  13. What a bit of fun, even if Archie is pretending to be above it all! Probably he's just concerned one of his doggy friends might see him. 😃

  14. How lovely, just perfect for families and their pets. Loving Archie in the calender!xxx