Thursday, 4 November 2021

Reacquainting Myself With My DSLR

I bought my DSLR camera back in 2013. It's a Nikon D3100 and has far more features than I'll ever use, and though there are many manual settings, it also has an auto setting which does everything for you. I really enjoyed this camera when I bought it, and it takes some brilliant photos, but being a DSLR, the zoom on the standard lens which came with the camera isn't all that great. I invested in extra lenses but it's so cumbersome to carry around all the extra kit, and then having to change the lenses when you're out and about, it's a bit of a drag. We bought Eleanor a Panasonic DMC-FZ72 bridge camera for Christmas back in 2014 and the 60X zoom feature encouraged me to invest in the same camera myself. To buy an equivalent zoom lens for the DSLR would have been far more expensive. I would alternate the cameras at first, but I soon packed the DSLR away opting to take the bridge camera with the zoom facility out and about with me. Honestly, I can't remember when I last used my DSLR but I thought it was about time it got an airing so out it came.

At first I couldn't remember all the different settings but it soon came back to me.

After all the rain we had last week and over the weekend, when a crisp autumn day occurred on Tuesday, we headed off to Lotherton with my DSLR in tow.

It's a great time of year to use a camera, all the colours of autumn are fantastic to capture.

Lotherton was very busy last week when it was the school holidays but it was so quiet on Tuesday. It's a pleasure to walk through the woods with hardly a soul in sight.

The wet weather has encouraged an abundance of fungi. I'm no expert on the subject, I only know the names of a couple, this one not being one of them.

It's been quite blustery and the trees are losing their leaves quite quickly now, there's lots of leaf litter on the woodland floor.

Archie loves this time of year, he's so funny to watch, He runs through the leaves and then kicks them up with his back legs. I think he likes the noise they make, much like running through rock pools at the beach, another thing he loves doing. I'm convinced it's the sound.

We walked through the orchard. I believe the apple day was well attended but there's still lots of apples hanging from the trees and, sadly, many fallen apples are rotting on the ground.

There's still a few flowers hanging on...

...and some yet to appear.

I love seeking out all the hidden treasure in the fallen leaves, damp logs or woodland floor.

I didn't take any extra lenses with me for my DSLR but I've still managed to capture an array of images in different settings. I know they're not the best, I'm no photographer, but they're perfectly adequate. The only thing I'd really be missing is if I wanted to use a zoom, so perhaps I'll start using my DSLR more often again.

It was like being reacquainted with an old friend.


  1. Your photos show the beauty of the season, nature is putting itself to bed, I'm glad you used your camera again, I have not used my big one with all the lens for ages.

  2. You've captured some beautiful autumnal images, Jo.
    Best wishes

  3. How fab, I only use my mobile camera, but have ad a hankering for a real camera for quite a while, I think I have a bridge camera somewhere so may have to go on a hunt and see if its still around.

  4. They're lovely photos Jo. I'm like Archie, I love walking through those crisp, fallen leaves except they're quite soggy now after all the rain. I bought a Sony bridge camera but much prefer my old point and shoot which I can slip in my coat pocket, as you say big cameras are too cumbersome to carry around even without all the extras.

  5. Your pictures are lovely Jo and well done on remembering the settings on your camera. I usually just take photos on my phone even though I'm a member of a photography group I fear I have learnt nothing. I can't even find the charger for my bridge camera, I'm a lost cause haha.xx

  6. The photos are much better than "perfectly adequate", Jo. They are absolutely amazing. I confess to wondering why you'd taken a photo of poo but then you mentioned the orchard and I realised it was an apple! Phew! LOL

  7. Wonderful photos. I know what you mean about carting a heavy zoom lens around, I rarely use mine. Love the

  8. I don't very often take my DSLR out with me now, I should but like you say they can be cumbersome. I don't own a bridge camera so I take most photos on my phone now. Love your Autumn photos. X

  9. I thought it was poo too! lol I'd love a DSLR but two things have always stopped me from getting one - the high price of a decent one plus the faff of having to carry and change different lenses. I prefer to keep things simple when I'm out, especially if I have the dogs with me, so my 60x zoom bridge camera is fine, it does what I want and more besides.

  10. What great photos and using the DSLR has made you concentrate more on your photo selection with excellent results too.

  11. Lovely you are enjoying your camera again, some great photos, very autumnal, rich colours xcx

  12. Good pictures. I've always been happy to use pocket point-and-shot cameras. xx

  13. I think you got some great photographs here Jo, I enjoyed seeing them.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    All the best Jan

  14. Martyn has been a convert to using his iPhone for photography but I am stubbornly sticking with my Sony bridge camera. Did you see any acorns?

    1. Funnily enough I can't say I noticed any acorns. There were lots of conkers a few weeks ago but I expect they'll have been picked up by all the children over half term.

  15. Wonderful photos!

    I downsized from a Canon DSLR to an Olympus Micro Four Thirds camera (they're similar to a DSLR but smaller and not so bulky). I've got a few lenses for it, but the lens I use most is a zoom lens which covers a nice range (14 - 150mm). I rarely take additional lenses with me when out and about.