Wednesday 28 October 2020

Autumn At Oakwell Hall

I think I last wrote about Oakwell Hall back in 2011. It isn't that long since we've visited but it's been quite a while so, as we woke to beautiful sunshine on Sunday morning, we decided that would be our destination.

The information board gives a brief history and tells of how Charlotte Bronte visited here and featured the Hall as 'Fieldhead' in her novel Shirley.

The Hall is currently undergoing some maintenance so is not looking its finest.

We took a walk around the back and through this door which looks as though it leads to The Secret Garden. It does in fact lead to the walled garden which encloses the rear of the Hall.

Oakwell Hall was built in 1583 and is furnished as it would have been in the 1690's when the Batt family lived there.

The walled garden is very well kept and is a delight to wander around.

Against one of the walls stands this tree.

The sign tells us that it's propagated from a tree growing in Isaac Newton's garden at Woolsthorpe Manor, Lincs. It's reputed that Newton saw an apple fall from this tree in 1666 and this caused him to speculate upon the theory of gravity.

We enjoyed looking around the walled garden but we were really at Oakwell Hall for a walk and to let Archie off his lead for a trot around so we headed off on the nature trail through Nova Wood.

It was a lovely day and we passed so many dog walkers and people out enjoying the sunshine.

Archie loves walking through woodland though he gets rather muddy at this time of year.

The woodland floor is now covered in leaves but the trees seem to be holding on to most of them still. There's signs of autumn everywhere you look though.

We came across quite a few of these dens.

We also came across a wood carved totem pole.

We've done quite a bit of walking just lately, we're trying to make the most of any fine days we have now as winter will be soon upon us.

We're also trying to visit some places where we haven't been for quite a while. There's so much to see at Oakwell Hall and it's perfect for a walk, we're definitely not going to leave it so long until we visit again.

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  1. Looks a lovely place to visit, we are making the most of any dry days we have, before winter steels all our outside days.

  2. Interesting post and lovely pictures showing autumn at its best. Walled gardens are wonderful places, and this one certainly looks well worth looking round. xx

  3. What a lovely place to visit Jo it's good that they have managed to stay open as lots of places like ths near us have been forced to close because of loss of revenue so sad. xx

  4. What a beautiful place to walk and how exciting to explore the "secret" garden. I adore walled gardens.

  5. It all looks lovely, Jo. I think you're wise to make the most of any sunny days whilst you can! :o)

  6. Thanks for sharing.We can’t go anywhere at the moment.5 days down,12 to go.

  7. You have so many wonderful places you visit near you Jo. I do love reading about them and seeing your photos. Thank you for sharing another lovely place.

  8. Another lovely walk Jo & you are quite right making the most of sunny days, as we also didn't walk as much in winter this year. Ah wigwams, just like I've shown on Inverloch beach. Must be something people all over do to wile away a few hours. Take care, stay safe & huggles.

  9. We’re never been to Oakwell Hall maybe another for our list. Did you have to book and was Archie allowed in the walled garden?

    1. No booking required and dogs are allowed in the walled garden on a lead. There's plenty of places to let dogs run off their lead too.

  10. Your photographs are lovely, it looks a very nice place to visit.
    I think it's a very good idea to get out and about when you have good weather and the chance to.

    All the best Jan

  11. What a lovely place, I expect that walled garden is beautiful in the Spring with all the blossom out.

  12. What a beautiful place to visit. Thanks for sharing your photos.

  13. Oh So beautiful. Your photos are so fun to see. I love the totem. Muddy paw weather was alright with our Huck. He sat as soon as he got in the door and he stayed till I got a bucket of soapy warm water and washed and dried the paws!

  14. You can see that Oakwell Hall is a beautiful place even with scaffolding. It looks familiar, I think I might've visited at some point in my past, hazy memories have been stirred.
    It's nice to make the most of the sunnier days, winter will feel long this year I think.

  15. Looks like a lovely place to visit. Were not getting out and about much at all lately, there always seems like there is something else to do.

  16. What a great outing for you and Archie. Thanks for including us! 💖

  17. What a great place for a walk. I loved it all. How lucky you are to have a little sunshine, it's just been endless rain here. I think the recent winds will have removed most of the leaves