Sunday 12 January 2020

Stay Home Moon

Friday's full moon.

I can't say I've ever been a star gazer or particularly looked at the night sky, so it must be Mick's influence that encouraged Daniel to study Physics with Astrophysics at university.

I'm going to change my ways this year though. My lovely friend, Maggie, from BlackCountry Wench blog gifted me The Almanac as part of my Christmas gift and it's so interesting. I'm going to read it month by month so that I know what I can expect to see at each particular time of the year. It covers subjects such as The Moon, Nature, The Kitchen, The Sea, and Songbirds, among other things.

'January's moon has several old names: Wolf Moon, from the time wolves howled particularly loudly to their packs through January nights; Stay Home Moon, a sensible idea in the cold and the frost and with all those wolves about; and Moon after Yule, which was given to the first full moon after the winter solstice.'

I've never heard of Stay Home Moon before but I think I like this name best of all and I shall take it at its word.


  1. This looks like a book that would very much appeal to me. I like the old ways and nature is my God if you like. I shall have to see if I can find it.
    Like you I think 'stay at home moon' is best.

  2. The moon was impressive, hubby got some good photo's, I have had Almanac's before they are very interesting.

  3. I grew up watching my Grandfather and Mom reading the Farmer's Almanac. I did take one astronomy course in school but that's about it. Now I'm interested in your book. You have great friends that give wonderful gifts !

  4. Interesting post and pictures. xx

  5. I have that little book it's got more information in than it had 2 years ago so much better.
    I'm not sure about the Stay-Home moon as I've got several folklore books now and none mention this, but it is just right for January.

  6. Great photos of the moon. I love the moon, but as we sleep in the back room, when it's full and clear we're glad of our thick curtains LOL I've never read and Almanac. Best, Jane x

  7. What a lovely gift! That book!!!!!

    I like the Stay Home Full Moon also! Although I also love Wolf Full Moon and Moon After Yule. -chuckle- Too many likes!!!!!!!

    Will look for that book. Hope it's available, on this side of the pond.


  8. That book sounds interesting. I might check it out :)

    Happy New Year!

  9. I have seen this book before and it sounds wonderful. What a lovely companion to take you through the year.

  10. well thank God for the Stay Home Moon. Fireman and I are going crazy having to stick inside for most of the day. Its ice under the snow and neither of us wants to risk a fall. We did Drive out for breakfast which is very rare for us. it meant I got up 2 hours early and it is making me most lonely feeling. Isn't that dumb? Fireman and 4 cats are around me.....but Al's out shopping in OkC and has nt called back. Zach is at a chess tournament in Mexico. Im so silly. I better pick up my knitting!

  11. I've never heard of the Stay Home moon either, but like you, I like that name best of all!

  12. I like the Stay Home Moon title best, too. The book looks like an interesting read. X

  13. Great picture of the moon Jo :-)
    I'd never heard of the Stay at Home Moon either, I like it.
    Glad you are enjoying the book.
    Have a good week.

  14. What a beautiful looking book, and such a nice idea to read it month by month.
    I never know when the moon will be at it's fullest, but I do often notice the moon (thanks to a lack of curtains) and I do like to spend a while admiring it's beauty.

  15. Wonderful photos of the moon, Jo. This sounds like just my sort of book so I've ordered it. Thank you. x

  16. The book looks really interesting. I have never heard of the stay at home moon either.

  17. I've got that book, had it last year too. It's filled with such interesting things.
    The moon here was fabulous, so bright and clear.
    I prefer stay at home moon, and when i read it brought to mind the Jane Austen quote 'There's nothing like staying home for real comfort'

  18. Lovely images of the moon, and that sounds an interesting book.

    All the best Jan