Monday 27 January 2020

Sorting Out The Photos

I love my digital camera. When I look back, not that many years really, when you had to buy a roll of film and when it was finished, take it in to a shop to have it developed before being able to see your photos, and only getting one chance at taking the 'perfect' photo, how strange it all seems now in this digital age.

When I take photos I upload them onto my laptop and periodically, I go through them, discard the ones I don't want to keep and save the rest on to an external hard drive. I choose my favourites to have printed off to store in albums. Yes, I'm quite old fashioned in that way, I love to keep some of my photos in albums and I do get them out and look through them from time to time. I just don't think it's the same flicking through an album on the computer, though I'd never be able to print off every single photo I've kept over the years so it is handy to be able to do this too.

I didn't realise how long it was since I'd sorted out all the photos I've taken, it's actually two years, and I've taken a lot of photos in this time. It's taken me quite a while over the last few weeks but it's a job done and I just got the photos I had printed out back last week so it was time to add them to the albums. Of course, it always turns into a much longer job than I anticipate as I always get side tracked looking at the albums whilst I've got them out.

I've got all kinds of albums, ones from when I was a child where you peel back a layer of cellophane and lay the photos on a kind of sticky backing, to those I've used since my own children were babies where you slide the photos in to a pocket, I much prefer this kind.

I'd hate to be without my photos, I know we all have memories stored in our minds but it's nice to have something tangible to look at which jogs our memories to times gone by. And how I'd now hate to be without my digital camera and have to go back to those rolls of film, I love snapping away to get the photo I want.


  1. How strange you did this post today, guess what I was doing at the weekend, lol. I love looking through old photos and this year have promised myself that I will print off my favourites each month and put them in an album. I have hundreds on my computer and like you say it's not the same as flicking through an album. When I went to mums at the weekend I found out a box of old photos and enjoyed seeing us all in our younger days, it brings back so many memories.

  2. We have been given a photo album for a Christmas gift, we will fill it with photos of our grandsons, but it will be a huge job.

  3. Digital photography must be one of the best things ever invented, though I didn't get into it until 2003. When I look back now at photos I took with my film camera, which I thought at the time were really good, they are nothing compared to the same photos I've taken digitally since.

    I do pretty much the same as you - onto the pc first then after six months transferred to an external hard drive and some of my favourites printed out and put into albums. with the number of photos I take I could never get them all printed out - 951 during a week in Ireland last September, imagine printing that lot out!

    One thing I do though, I never delete them off the media card, I save all my media cards in packets in a small storage box, all numbered and indexed. It's only the same as keeping the negatives from a roll of film and at least it ensures that if my pc goes bust - which actually happened last May - or the external hard drive fails, I don't lose all my photos. One thing's for certain, I wouldn't go back to a film camera now.

  4. I keep meaning to get some of my pics onto paper, its just not the same on the computer is it?

  5. I love that digital photography enables us to snap away to our hearts content and I take more photographs now than I ever did previously. The only downside is that I generally don't bother to print out the pictures in order to enjoy browsing through them. X

  6. I got a big shock when I realised I had over 11,000 photos in the Cloud. This might give me a nudge to cull at least half. I always get prints when there is a special occasion or big holiday. It is much easier to look at than browsing and trying to find the right photos online

  7. We had a conversation at the weekend with a family member who is doing family history about what will happen in the future when people want to look at pictures of the ancestors, with the digital age young people don't seem to print them off anymore and its so sad. We have lots of past family members and like you print off a few to look at regularly.

  8. Oh yes, those old ways of keeping photos in albums. And I have some, of my mother/father's day... With little black corner things, which stuck on the page, and the picture "fit" into!!!!!

    I kept albums while the children were growing. And they love to look through them, sometimes. I kept albums for each son, of his High School football days.

    But have not kept any, in a long time. I don't even keep pictures I took, for blogging. I post them and there they are. I can Delete them, from my computer photo place.

    I know, this attitude makes some people cry! -smile-

    Perhaps it's my drive for neatness? I prefer everything pared down to neat and manageable proportions.

    And even when we have gone on trips, I ceased taking photos. I preferred to seeeeee, everything, as it is. Instead of through the lens of a camera.

    Just Me!!!!!!!! I know!!!! Just me!!!!! -smile- And I am probably very much in the minority.

    💖 💖 💖

  9. I hear you on getting them printed, I would love to make this a habit but I never seem to get round to it. I need more hours in the day!

  10. I like to make scrapbooks using some of the photos I take, particularly of the grandchildren. I don't think it would be affordable to keep getting all my photos printed I take so many.

  11. Good post. I mostly take pictures on the plot to use on the blog, so don't take many and keep even less. xx

  12. It's lovely looking back at old photos, it's surprising how different we all look just a few years ago. You'll enjoy looking back at your Mum, as I will too.

  13. OH me too! I can relate to this post! But we organized all our photos for a digital project . I have since gone rifling through them to find certain photos for the kids, and they are alL OUT OF ORDER again. haha such is life

  14. It is nice to look back at photographs, and I do keep a few out on display and change them around from time to time.

    All the best Jan

  15. You and me both Jo. I remember having photos developed only to find most were duds. Technology is astonishing, how quickly we've all adapted to it. xxx