Sunday 1 July 2012

Sweet Williams

I haven't had to buy many flowers in June, I've had some real bargains which have lasted such a long time.

At the moment, I'm enjoying these Sweet Williams. Would you believe that I got them from the reduced basket for just 23 pence a bunch?

I bought two bunches so that I had a good amount in one vase, yet there were still enough left over to fill a little jug for another part of the house.

Earlier in the month, I picked up some Carnations. These had been reduced to 50 pence a bunch, so again, I bought two bunches. Carnations are great value as they last for such a long time.

I wonder if I'll come across any more bargains this month.


  1. I love carnations, my favorite flower, and sweet williams, neither of which we grow here.

  2. they look lovely - i love sweet williams - what a great price too!

  3. I like the carnations. I keep thinking that I must grow some on the plot! Flighty xx

  4. Hi Jo,

    Just catching up with your recent posts.

    The weekend at the uni sounds very useful. How exciting for your son, makes me want to do it all over again!

    Your daughter leads such an exciting life with her singing. How wonderful. Her singing group always seem to chose such lovely songs.

    You must be so proud of both of them.

    I wish I was more crafty. I think it's fear. I took up knitting again a while back and need to do more.

    And you gave me a great idea! I've just popped out to the garden and picked some Sweet Williams for a vase and they look wonderful. Saw 3 bunches for £1 in Norwich yesterday but didn't want to take them home on the train!

    Sft x

  5. Those are gorgeous - and an incredible bargain! Jx

  6. Hi Jo, I never seem to find any reduced flowers in my local shops. Love sweet williams though and the carnations are very pretty. I do keep cutting things from the garden to have on display but the windy weather has really battered most of the plants.

  7. Bargains indeed. I have a bunch of Sweet Williams on out mantlepiece,I love them. I was pleased at the £1.50 I paid but yours were a steal.
    Enjoy them all.
    Lisa x

  8. Wow, 23p is so cheap! I often buy sweet william at this time of year as it's cheap and lasts for a while. And it's so pretty.

  9. What a steal! And such beautiful colours, I love adore the purples and mauves of Sweet Williams.

    I'm in the middle of my year of only using flowers from the garden and the hedgerows but I really am beginning to miss the odd bargain bunch from the supermarket. I shall probably go out in November when the year's challenge is up and blow a fortune on the hugest bunch of flowers!

  10. Oh you can't beat a couple of bunches of flowers can you, especialliay when they are such a bargain. Definitely something that makes your heart sing when you look at them.

    Sue xx

  11. Lovely flowers, very pretty colours, I love all flowers but never seem to get any cheap enough, maybe its time to look at growing some on the Lottie


  12. Hi Jo. Lovely flowers. Sweet williams are great lasters. If you want the the recipe for Tolberone biscuits I can email it to you.

  13. I love sweet williams - yours were an absolute steal. J grew them for me at the allotment, and when we sorted out the back garden I dug them up and brought them home. They've done really well since being transplanted.

  14. Just found your blog today and thought I would say hello :)
    Such pretty Sweet Williams and Carnations. I do love the scent of Sweet Williams, they are just lovely.
    What a bargain price for the bunch as well..
    Magie x

  15. Thank you for all your lovely comments, they're always very much appreciated.

    Sft - I don't grow Sweet Williams but I'm going to start some off ready for next year. It will save the pennies if I have my own to pick as you do.

    Annie - What a great challenge, using flowers from the garden and the hedgerow. My challenge is to have a continual supply of flowers in the house. I shall add up my total spend at the end of the year and see how much it's cost me.

    The Cookie Jar - Thank you very much for the offer, I would love the recipe, I'll be in touch with you.

    Magie - Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment. I couldn't believe the price, and they've lasted ages too.