Friday 13 July 2012

Legally Blonde

Eleanor and I had a trip to the theatre, Bradford Alhambra, on Wednesday evening to see Legally Blonde The Musical.

I had seen it advertised at the back end of last year, and as I know that Eleanor enjoyed the film, I decided to get some tickets to pop in her Christmas stocking.

It's seemed a long wait to see it, but it was worth it, we both really enjoyed it. The film isn't a musical so this made for something a little different to what she's seen before.

Amongst the cast were Ray Quinn of X Factor and Dancing On Ice fame, and Les Dennis. They were very good, however, Pringle, Breezer and Sharpy who played Bruiser and Rufus, the dogs, stole the show. They were so cute and had the audience oooing and arrring every time they came on stage.

A thoroughly entertaining evening.


  1. What a lovely treat..sounds like it would have been fun to see (especially to see the cute doggies). I saw a play last year (just a small local production), a musical version of 'the Wizard of Oz'..Toto the dog stole the show in that one :) Though the rest of the cast were pretty amazing as well..
    Magie x

  2. I love musicals. We try to see one or two each year and I love the feel good factor you get when you leave the theatre after seeing a great performance.
    Have a good weekend - let's hope for better weather!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I always spot your comments on other blogs because of your little picture. We are both called Jo and I had a dog that looked very like yours - so your picture always seems to "leap out" at me. I can't have another dog at the moment because I work fulltime. But when I stop being fulltime...

  4. I've seen the billboard posters for this as I've been driving around and was intrigued. Never been to the Alhambra, must go as it's not far from us.

  5. Good things are worth waiting for so they say and this sounds like it was most definitely the case. I haven't seen the film, maybe I should put it on my to be viewed list.
    Have a great weekend.
    Lisa x

  6. My daughter has just been to the Theatre to see oh whats is called, you know, the one with the nuns and Whoopi Goldberg, blimey I'm getting old!! I can't remember the name of it lol, anyway she loved it and I love the idea of putting tickets in her stocking - I'll have to nab that idea I think, glad you both enjoyed it now I'm away to bang my head against a wall to try and remember the name of the film/musical!! Helen

  7. Doh!!! I clicked on "publish" and remembered - Sister Act hehe

  8. I miss musicals. There are so few these days.

  9. Thank you for all your lovely comments.

    Magie - Local productions can be real gems. Eleanor performs with a local youth theatre and the standard of acting is amazing.

    June - We're real fans of musicals too, they're such uplifting shows.

    Jo - You're welcome. We got Archie two years ago when I stopped working. I agree, you do need to be at home if you've got a dog, they need company during the day.

    Gillian - The Alhambra is a lovely theatre. They do brilliant pantomimes there, Billy Pearce is a regular, he's so funny.

    Lisa - I haven't seen the film either so I really didn't know what to expect when I saw the show. I'm going to watch out for the film now.

    Helen - Glad you remembered the title of the show, it's so annoying when that happens. I loved the film but haven't seen the show.

    Ruth - There's always plenty of musicals at the theatre to see here.