Sunday, 9 October 2011

Deposits And Withdrawals At The Charity Shop

I've been tripping over these bags, which were in my bedroom, for weeks whilst they've been waiting to be taken to the charity shop. There were seven bin liners and two carrier bags full. We didn't take them to our nearest charity shop, we've taken things there before and been told they didn't need any donations at that time. Instead, we opted for a charity shop run in aid of a nearby children's hospice, Martin House, and they were very grateful.

I didn't come away empty handed as I spotted a Lilliput Lane ornament. I've been collecting these for years and Clare Cottage is one which I didn't have. It's in perfect condition and only cost £1.50.

I love the detail on these cottages, and each one is based on a real building.

There'll be lots more things to take to the charity shop soon as we've embarked on a major clear out in Eleanor's bedroom. It's already looking much tidier, but there's still all the cupboards to sort out. We popped in to Lidl today and bought some of these storage boxes which Lisa told us about on her Jumble and Jelly blog. I thought they might give Eleanor a bit of an incentive to put things away when she's used them, though I won't hold my breath.


  1. Didn't see these in Lidl - but will keep my eyes peeled! Just the thing for the kitchen tat! I too have a bag full of stuff for the charity shop - bought a pearler of a winter coat in Oxfam - Per Una, £20!!!!!

  2. Whats Lidl? I like a good clear out, its amazing what gets just stashed away in the cupboards. Its nice when you find something you like and at a bargain price!

  3. ive just cleaned out my boys room, 2 bin bags of old toys etc and i bag of rubbish later it still looks like i havent cleaned as much as i wanted, i still have mountains of books to go through as i have way too many, but istill need to find a good home for them. so i must say goodluck with more of your clean out x

  4. We've been having a bit of a de-clutter here aswell. Too much stuff, too much stuff.
    Love from Mum

  5. A good clear out makes you feel better doesn't it - I have about 50 videos earmarked for my next clear out.

  6. Our loccal CS has gone a bit upmarket and a bit expensive - Ive not bought much in it lately, but I have taken a load of stuff. My de clutter continues!!!

  7. Oh I'm glad my post has helped Eleanor in her quest for a tidy bedroom!
    They are a good size I thought. Mine are slowly filling up with pressies, but don't tell the children!
    Great find in the CS for your collection too.
    Lisa x

  8. Thanks for the timely reminder as I have lots of books to take to Barnardos. Flighty xx

  9. Thank you for all your comments.

    Gail - Lidl is a supermarket chain, but it sells all manner of things very cheaply. You can find it here

    Lisa - The boxes have been put together now and I agree, they're a great size. I was surprised.