Thursday 6 October 2011

Another Distinction

Eleanor took her grade three singing exam in July and has just received her certificate for it. She's got another distinction, having got distinctions for both her grade one and grade two previously.

Not only that, but her singing teacher is especially pleased with her as she got a total of ninety five marks out of a hundred, she only dropped five marks in the whole exam. Her singing teacher hasn't ever had a student who has achieved as high a mark as this before.

Eleanor loves her singing lessons, and she's just started her music GCSE course at school in which she also gets to sing. I like that through her music lessons, both singing and her school lesson, she gets to learn lots of songs which she wouldn't otherwise know. At the moment she's learning blues at school, and she learns a lot of folk songs and musical theatre songs in her singing lesson.

Grade four beckons, so Eleanor is in the process of choosing which songs she's going to sing for that. We're all very proud of her.


  1. Awww that's fantastic.
    Good Luck with Grade 4 too! x

  2. Well done Eleanor! A very talented daughter you have there Jo.

  3. What a talented girl she is! Well done Eleanor.
    Lisa xx

  4. Congratulations to Eleanor, what a great achievement. Lesley x

  5. Well done, Eleanor.
    Love from Mum

  6. Brilliant, you must be well proud, and rightly so. Flighty xx

  7. Eleanor has asked me to thank you all for your lovely comments.

  8. Thanks, Victoria. Eleanor put a lot of effort in to it so I'm pleased that she was rewarded.