Monday 22 August 2011

I Should Have Done It Sooner

I've finally put my foot down and locked away the laptops and Ipods. Kids these days spend far too much time looking at screens and not enough time talking to each other and doing other things.

Instead of whiling away all their time on computers, Daniel and Eleanor have found the box games and are actually getting on with each other, for a change.

I'm going to kick them outside soon so they can get some fresh air.

Isn't this what our summer holidays always used to be about when we were kids?


  1. My advice (unless you're an absolute pacifist) is to get nerf tag from a toy shop; about £20.00 and hours of wild giggling and shooting. We invested in a set at the start of the hols and it has my three rampaging around. As long as your kids don't mind losing some dignity? But I have seen a very sensible 15 year old shooting up his little cousin and rolling across the garden to shoot again without worrying how he looked. And i like it, too.
    But the board games look good, and the modern child does need sun and air. Hope the dry weather continues!

  2. ooh I used to love board games, really must try and get into them again with the kiddies.

  3. My two have 'reverted' to board games as well.

  4. Thanks for your comments. All's still going well, Daniel and Eleanor are actually getting on with each other this week, it's amazing what can happen when electronics are taken away from them.

    Angel Jem - I've never heard of Nerf Tag, but I've looked it up and it looks fab. I wish I'd heard of this when they were a little younger, it would have been ideal.

  5. We haven't had the board games out this summer, though we have tried to get out when the weather allows. Board games tend to be weekend activites for us and S likes to squeeae them in before tea some evenings too which can be a bit of a feat!
    Lisa x

  6. You haven't had time for board games this summer, Lisa. You've been far too busy having lots of other fun. We used to play board games quite a lot when they were both little but they're with their friends much more now they're older, or doing other things. It's nice to see them doing things together, other than arguing.

  7. This is such a great idea, I remember such fun playing with board games when I was younger!

    Screwball Scramble, Frustration and Kerplunk were some favourites!

    Victoria xx

  8. I've never heard of Screwball Scramble, Victoria. I'll have to look that one up. Kerplunk has always been a favourite.