Thursday 25 August 2011

GCSE Results Day

Today's the day that thousands of kids in the UK get their GCSE results.

I got Daniel up bright and early to go pick his results up from school. If it had been left up to him, he would have left it till this afternoon, he's so laid back about everything.

He's done extremely well, 3 A*'s, 8 A's and 2 B's. He also got a C in additional maths, which is a FSMQ (Free Standing Maths Qualification).

We're taking Daniel to Frankie and Benny's later to celebrate his brilliant results.

The hard work starts all over again in September when he begins his A levels.


  1. FANTASTIC news! Well done Daniel! Cx

  2. Well done that young man!! My lad did well here too. Its always a relief.xx

  3. Well done! Have a good time tonight and begin the work again in September. (Bet mum's feeling proud, eh?)

  4. Well done Daniel. You did really well and should be proud of yourself. Enjoy your meal tonight.

  5. Wow he did fantastically! Well done!

  6. Wonderful news! Well done to Daniel. Hope you all had a fab meal out.
    Lisa x

  7. Fantastic news!

    Hope you enjoyed your trip to F&B, I love their food,

    Victoria xx

  8. Congratulations and I hope the trip was good (I used to love F&B)

  9. Thank you for all your lovely comments. Daniel appreciates them all very much. We had a lovely time at Frankie and Benny's too.

    Diane - Congratulations to your young man too. You're right, it's a big relief.

    Angel Jem - Mum and Dad are extremely proud.

  10. Well Done Daniel!!!
    Congratulations to him, fantastic results!
    You must all be so proud of him!
    Bella has had her results too and has also done well, we are so proud and relieved that she got back into the sixth form at her school!
    Now the hard work really starts!
    Gill xx

  11. Thanks, Gill. We're all immensely proud. Many congratulations to Bella on her brilliant results too, and so pleased to hear she's got a place in the sixth form.

  12. Well done to Daniel! I missed this post at the time - I don't know where August went.
    I'm always intrigued by the difference in how results are communicated in England and Scotland. Your kids have to go in to school to get theirs, and in Scotland they can choose to get them by email, text, or just by post. No-one ever goes into school! So all these scenes on the news with students opening envelopes at school are foreign to us. This year our system was a bit too efficient - my daughter got her results by text a day early - see

    As you say, the hard work starts again now. Daughter has already done the first draft of her UCAS personal statement - how quickly this last year of school will go. Good luck to you as the support team!

  13. Thanks, Linda. Wow, your daughter did so well, good luck to her for this year. It's very different how the results are communicated. I quite like the fact that they go in to school to collect them, it seems a bit more exciting than a text somehow.