Friday 13 May 2011

Happy Birthday, Archie

It's Archie's first birthday today. We haven't had him for a year, he was thirteen weeks old when he came to live with us, but it was on this date last year that he was born.

I didn't realise what a scrawny little thing he was when he was little. It's only when you look back on photos that you see how little he actually was. This photo was taken on 19th August 2010, exactly a week after we got him.

He's enjoyed playing with his presents today, soft squeaky toys.

Birthdays wouldn't be birthdays without chocolate for breakfast. Eleanor made sure he had his daily quota before she left for school. (This is doggy chocolate, please don't feed your dog human chocolate, a chemical called theobromine is included in human chocolate which can be deadly to dogs).

Aren't we daft with our dogs? Well, they are one of the family. Archie got a card from his grandma and grandpa.

Archie's had a lovely walk today, delicious meals and lots of playing. It's a dogs life, you know.


    What a wonderful day he's had! x

  2. Many birthday woofs to Archie.
    Lisa x
    p.s no I didn't make the cushion it was £5 in the Matalan sale, baragin!

  3. Happy Birthday Archie! XxX

  4. Happy 1st Birthday Archie!
    I love his birthday card

  5. Goodness his first birthady already! I've enjoyed reading about him here, along with looking at all the wonderful photos like these, and look forward to lots more.
    I love that card! Flighty xx

  6. Happy Birthday Archie! One VERY cute doggie! Cx

  7. Hi Jo, Archie is so cute. He has those puppy dog eyes, how could you ever resist him. Happy Birthday Archie! I love the glass dish and lid you got at the charity shop in your last post, thought that was super. Lesley x

  8. Happy Birthday Archie!! Yes there is plenty to see and do at the YSP with a dog. There is a lovely long walk with Hepworths, Henry Moores and other huge bronze sculptures. There are so many outdoor exhibits it takes more than a day to do it all. Its one of my fave places. It costs £4 to park your car (although we usually park in the village and walk down) and its free to get into the park. We spend the £4 we saved on a cuppa usually. xxx

  9. Thanks, everyone.

    Lisa - What a bargain, I must have a trip to Matalan.

    Flighty - Time does seem to have flown by since we got Archie. Don't worry, I'm sure there'll be plenty more photos of Archie to come.

    Diane - Thanks for that info. We'll definitely take a trip there soon.

  10. Darling little Archie, happy belated birthday! And good luck to mum 'getting through' exams :-)

  11. Belated Happy 1st Birthday wishes to Archie!
    He looks a lovely dog Jo!