Monday, 16 May 2011


At this moment in time, Daniel will be sat in the school hall taking the first of his GCSE exams, English.

He's got a busy week this week with another English exam on Wednesday, two biology exams on Thursday and a geology exam on Friday. He's got six exams next week and then he breaks up for half-term. After that he has more exams to sit, but only has to go in to school when an exam is scheduled.

Some kids get so stressed over exams, but they don't seem to bother Daniel at all, he's so laid back about everything. I wish I could say the same about his mum. I've been laid awake half the night worrying, I'm such a worrywart.


  1. We have the same with our Young Man. He's not at all concerned by it. Fingers crossed that they do well. xxxx

  2. Hi Jo, I've been through these a year ago with my laid back, not worried about them oldest boy, now Mikayla is in year 9 and already panicking. Maybe its a girl thing to worry, I do enough! They have talked to them about them since september, so much pressure. Your dog Archie looks lovely, I miss having a dog in the house.

  3. Good luck to Daniel! I always hated exams but I didn't get myself worked up about them thankfully!

    Victoria xx

  4. It's a great way to be if that's they way your made. Good luck to Daniel, we had SATs here last week!
    Lisa x

  5. Good luck Daniel! Hope you can relax throughout them too :)
    Thanks for the link to the mag deal! Might just have to get it!! Cx

  6. Great when they don't worry about exams. I think it makes it even worse for us parents when they do get worried and upset about them.

    Good luck Daniel.

  7. Jo, know exactly how you're feeling right now!
    Good Luck to Daniel.Its good that he's chilled about it, he will probably have a clearer mind than if he were stressed, and a clear mind will be a boon.
    Bella also appears fairly laid back, although we've had a few melt downs in last few weeks - but she says its because she knows shes going to fail them all!
    So like you, I feel stressed inwardly, as outwardly I'm having to present a calm and assured manner, trying to boost her self-confidence,encouraging talks, exam technique/hints etc - you know all the words I'm sure!!!
    Thanks for your comment and wishes for Bella!
    I'll be glad when its all over!
    Gill xx

  8. Thanks for your good wishes for Daniel, everyone.

    Diane - Good luck to your Young Man. I imagine you've got the same worries as I have at the moment.

    Gail - I do think that the kids of today have pressure piled on them from a very young age. I try to play it all down at home, they get enough stress at school.

    Gill - Good luck to Bella. It can't be easy for you to hear her having such negative thoughts, but I'm sure it's just last minute nerves and she'll do very well.