Sunday 7 November 2010

Yummy Treats

Yesterday, Mick and I decided to go have a wander round Wetherby. Wetherby is a small market town about ten miles from where we live. I love it as it has lots of lovely little shops, nothing like the huge streets filled with department stores which you find in Leeds. There was the added bonus that there was an antique and collectors fair and also a craft fair in the Town Hall on Saturday so we had a look round those too.

Daniel and Eleanor stayed at home looking after Archie, so I thought we should treat them and all have a something yummy from The Market Place deli.

Mick chose chocolate and orange torte.

Daniel is a big fan of brownies so I chose a Boston brownie for him.

Eleanor loves cupcakes so it was a chocolate one which I chose for her.

I couldn't resist the fresh fruit meringue.

They all went down a treat.
Which one would you have chosen?


  1. chocolate and orange torte, it looks yummy :-)

  2. I would have chosen the chocolate cupcake! Flighty xx

  3. I only get to choose one! Choc torte I think. We went out to friends last night and had key lime pie followed by a slab of rocky road, I was in pud heaven!

  4. Oh the merangue definiately. I would convince myself it counted towards the 5 a day fruit. Jacs x

  5. Choc torte, but then id have had to taste all the rest! havent been to Wetherby in years but im very tempted now!

  6. Looking at those fabulous chocolately treats isn't helping me not reach in the draw and eat the Twirl I've been so good to avoid!!!

    Victoria xx

  7. Definately the Meringue, its one of my favourites X

  8. Oh the fruit meringue please!!! But wouldn't say no to any of the above!

    The antique fair sounds great Jo - I love rummaging around those and Wetherby is such a pretty town.


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  10. Thanks for all your replies. It seems that we all have different tastes. I do like Jacs idea of the meringue counting towards the five a day though.

    Welcome to all my new readers, commenters and followers. I hope you'll stick around.

  11. Oh that deli is lethal, I used to go there nearly every day for my lunch when I used to work in Wetherby. The brownies are amazing, they were my Friday treat!

    I still haven't managed to magic up any time, but you'll be the first know if I do. :)

  12. I can see a return trip to Wetherby in the near future just to visit the deli again, Rachel. I do love some of the little shops there though too, so much nicer than big department stores.