Tuesday 23 November 2010

A Hairy Story

For the last few years I've used a Henry vacuum cleaner and have been very satisfied with it's performance. Since having Archie, I've noticed that Henry isn't picking up the dog hairs very well so he's gone in to retirement. In his place we've bought a Dyson Animal which is designed to pick up pet hair better than an ordinary vacuum cleaner.

I haven't tried it yet so I can't say if it's worth it's hefty price tag or not, but the reviews I've read sound promising.

Of course, it's very tiring being a puppy. This is Archie after his afternoon walk, eyes dropping and ready for sleep.


  1. we have a Henry but I know what you mean about dog hair, we have to hoover more now that we have Moss II. Archie looks so cute :)

  2. We have a very hairy black and white cat, she malts like nothing. When my boyfriend moved in and the old original Dyson (11 years old!) started to pack up we invested in a new animal Dyson, the same as yours that was going cheap in the sales. It is excellent, picks up all the cat hair, even hoover out her basket and it leaves it like new! The mini turbine is great for using on the stairs and those little hard to reach places as well.

    OK, I'm sounding like a hoover geek now! Archie is adorable, although looks like he is about to collapse asleep!

  3. I like the photo of Archie! Flighty xx

  4. Macgirl sounding like a geek? Never. From a non animal person your dog is the cutest thing ever!

  5. My friends are divided between Henry and Dyson users so I'm struggling which to invest in!

    Victoria x

  6. Interesting, we had a Dyson, but when it packed in we decided we'd had enough of it - it was very heavy and a beast to manoeuvre all round. We decided not to take the chance and shell out for the more nimble new models, so went for a Samsung instead. It makes a noise like a 747 taking off, but it's light and has better suction than the old Dyson. Then again, we don't have pets, so perhaps the Dyson is better for that niche market! (I also had to make a decision between a new coat for me or a more expensive hoover, and this time I won!)

  7. I'm pleased to report that the Dyson is doing it's job, the carpets are virtually hair free, so far so good.

    Victoria, I've always been happy with my Henry up to now. If you haven't got pets it's perfectly adequate and much cheaper than a Dyson.

    Linda, If I didn't have dog hairs all around my house I wouldn't have shelled out for a Dyson and the coat would have won hands down here too.