Monday 11 October 2010

A Sunday Morning Walk

We had a lovely walk yesterday morning around the lake at Newmillerdam Country Park. It was a lovely day, sunny and still. There were plenty of birds around, including ducks which were swimming on the lake.

Archie came face to face with a duck for the first time. He didn't like the Canada Geese, especially the noises they made, but he didn't mind the ducks.

We came across a tree which had lots of ribbons tied to it. On closer inspection, the ribbons had names written on them. I assume this will have been an activity organised by a local Brownie pack or something similar. Perhaps each Brownie had to make a wish and tie the ribbon to the tree. It made the tree look pretty anyway.

Eleanor enjoyed walking in the woods and she came across quite a few different types of fungi. I couldn't tell you their names, but I'm sure they're not edible.

Even though Archie was so interested in everything going on around us, including lots of other dogs and puppies which passed us by, he sat like a good boy while we had a rest on a bench. Can you see the faces?

The next photos are views looking back from where we had walked. The trees are starting to show their autumn colours.

Newmillerdam is a lovely place for a walk. You can walk around the lake, which took us about an hour and a half, mind you, we were stopped so many times so that kids and adults alike could pet Archie, or if you want a longer walk, you can veer off in to the wood, or go further afield on the surrounding public rights of way. This was a lovely distraction from my housework.


  1. What a gorgeous place to stroll, I'm not surprised Archie had so many admirers - he looks so handsome!

  2. That's looks to be the perfect place for a gentle stroll especially at this time of year and on a day like that! Flighty xx

  3. Jo,
    Great photos and a very lovely blog! Congrats

  4. Lovely walk Jo - much preferable to the housework! I love when the trees start turning their colours.

    Archie is so sweet and what a good boy!


  5. There's nothing quite like a gentle stroll on such a lovely day. Thanks, everyone, for your comments.

  6. Such a cute photo of Archie and the duck!
    These are impressive fungi. A Canadian friend has posted some photos of 'her' mushrooms on her blog - you might like to have a look at 'Here and There Slocan'.

  7. I'll take a look at the blog, Linda. Thanks.