Friday 20 April 2012

More Socks

I went back to knitting socks in March. I'd knitted a pair for my dad for Christmas and he was so pleased with them that I thought I'd knit a pair for his birthday.

I used the Regia World College Color in Ceremony colourway which I bought from Kemps at a greatly reduced price and it knit up lovely. It's thicker than the sock yarn I usually use so it makes the socks that little bit warmer.

The pattern I chose was Thuja by Bobby Ziegler, it's nice and easy but gives a great ribbed design.

I was really pleased with them, my dad was too and that's what counts.


  1. There is nothing so pleasing as handknit socks. They'll make a perfect gift.
    Have a great weekend Jo.
    Susan x

  2. The socks look great Jo. I was supposed to tell you about the award but forgot and then you read about it! Sorry about that. If you don't want to bother with it I won't be offended. Lots of love xxx

  3. What great socks Jo. They look so complicated to me. Can you tell I'm not a knitter? I did do a little knitting years ago but only with simple knit 1, pearl 1 lol.

  4. I snapped up some of that yarn from Kemps too! Not sure which colourway, but it is good to see some knitted up - thanks!

  5. The socks look great and you've got the patterns matching on each sock - very clever. I've only done one pair of socks with wool that makes a pattern. It makes you want to knit more and more to see how the pattern turns out.
    Love from Mum

  6. Love the socks Jo, im dying to have a go but i still cant get my head round circular needles! maybe i'll give them another go x

  7. I love that colourway Jo, although there's no way I can justify more yarn buying at the yarn stash is way too big. I bet your dad was so pleased with his new socks. x

  8. They look amazing Jo! Nice earthy colours, beautifully made, I bet your Dad was so chuffed!
    Sorry havent visited for a while but my blog visiting is way down!
    Yes, exams are looming again, stress ahead!
    Must check out your veg progress - I know you are always way ahead of me and it spurs me on!

    have a great weekend Jo
    Gill xx

  9. Congratulations - your name was pulled out for my giveaway!!! Could you let me have an e-mail address then we can sort out a land address for the parcel.. Have a fantastic weekend. Jx

  10. Wow! They are just beautiful Scarlet! You are so clever.

    I love socks as presents. My mum knits wonderful pairs.

    Sft x

  11. I meant to say JO! Not scarlet. Sorry Honey!

    SFT X

  12. I've never tried to knit socks. RIght now I am working on a Dr. Who Scarf for my grandson.

  13. Thank you for all your lovely comments.

    Emma - Thank you for the award. I shall do a post about it shortly.

    Mum - I was really pleased that I managed to get the colours to match on each sock, even the tiny bit of grey on the toe.

    Jan - Thank you so much, I've emailed you.

    Sft - Don't worry, I've been called much worse.

    Ruth - I remember lots of Dr.Who scarves from my childhood. Your grandson will be pleased.