Wednesday 4 January 2012

Knitting For Christmas

I'm not a very fast knitter, so it took quite a chunk of last year knitting some gifts which I wanted to give people for Christmas. All the gifts were socks, with the exception of one scarf.

This was given to Eleanor and she loved it. The pattern is Leaf by Susan B Anderson and is knitted in Rowan Big Wool.

You may remember that I started these socks for my mum back in November. The photo is quite dark as it was taken at about 9pm on Christmas Eve when I had just finished them. Talk about leaving it till the last minute. The yarn used was Regia Design Line and I used a simple sock pattern by Sue Morgan which is given free with the purchase of a ball of sock yarn from Get Knitted.

I knit two pairs of these long socks, one for Daniel and one for Eleanor. They're ideal as welly socks to go inside wellington boots, but Eleanor wears her's around the house, they're lovely and warm and soft too. They're great if you don't like using double pointed needles as they're knit on two needles and sewn up the back of the leg. They a Sirdar pattern 9135, and are knit in Sirdar Crofter DK.

Another two pairs were knit using the simple sock pattern by Sue Morgan, one pair for my dad and one pair for Daniel. My dad's were knit in Regia World Circus Color and Daniel's in Regia Sudsee Color 4 ply.

This year, I want to have a go at some other things as well as socks. I do enjoy knitting socks, I think once you get going on them they're quite addictive, and there's some gorgeous yarn about to knit them in too. There's nothing quite like having pampered feet.

I got some knitting and crochet gifts for Christmas but I'll show you those another time.


  1. wow you were busy, they are really lovely and I especially love the leaf scarf. I've just ordered some more wool from The Black Sheep and a new jumper pattern. I've just finished (well almost finished) a cardi over Christmas. Amanda x

  2. Those socks look fabulous. I have some sock yarn in my stash which I keep telling myself I need to get around to using. Maybe this will be the year! :oD

  3. When I knit with more than one color, I have all these knots on the underside. Do they have knots?

  4. The leaf scarf is very unusual. My DD loves pink aswell. For someone who's a slow knitter you've managed very well. I take ages to knit a pair of socks but as you say they are very addictive. There are not enough hours in the day, are there?
    Love from Mum

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE the socks! I am very nearly through sock 2 of a pair...I do so want to wear them THIS winter!! LOL!! Cx

  6. Jo, are you related to my family.

    The only person who didn't get socks knitted by my mum this year was my brother (he didn't like it).

    I got 2 new pairs (1 from last year had worn out, the other are still ok), Mr Sft got a pair, my sister got 2, My nephew got a pair, my niece got a pair, oh and my SIL got gloves.

    WE LOVE OUR KNITTED GIFTS..Just so special.

    I love yours, esp those stripy ones.

    Sft x

  7. Wow Jo, these are fab, i really want to have a go at socks but I always end up frogging halfway and then giving up, maybe I'll have another go now. I love the scarf too, what a beautiful pattern. Lucky family!

  8. All those yarns are gorgeous. I can see why sock knitting is so addictive! I was also very taken with the leaf scarf. All the best, Jx

  9. They are all fabulous! Love the coliurs and patterns, you are very clever.
    Lisa x

  10. Love the socks, They look cozy and warm!
    I'm a bit late in popping over to wish a very Happy New Year to you and your family, I hope 2012 is kind to you and that you get all you could possibly wish for xxx

  11. Thank you for all your lovely comments.

    Amanda - I've never heard of The Black Sheep, I'll have to take a look.

    Anne - This has to be the year that you use up your sock yarn, you'll be hooked once you give it a go.

    Ruth - All the yarn I use produce these colours from one ball, no changing colours. The long socks I knit look like fairisle yet only one ball was used, and no knots.

    Mum - I see how productive other people are and wish I could knit much quicker. I'm pleased with what I managed though.

    Catherine - Thank you. Keep going with the socks, you'll get there in the end and they're soooo worth it.

    Sft - Thanks. Knitted socks are so cosy, I bet everyone loved their presents.

    Freerangegirl - Definitely give socks another go. Try the Sirdar Crofter socks, they're done on two needles and are ideal to start off with as you learn how to turn the heel without also having to manage four needles. Once you've done those it seems easy to work in the round.

    Jan - Thanks. There's some gorgeous yarns to knit socks with, especially the hand dyed ones.

    Lisa - Thank you. I love choosing the yarn for socks. It's very clever how they're dyed and watching the pattern emerge.

    Kelly - Thank you, I hope 2012 is kind to you and your family too. The socks are lovely and warm and very very cosy.