Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Congratulations And Celebrations

Today is Daniel's 18th birthday.

I don't know where the last 18 years have gone. It doesn't seem two minutes since he was a bouncing baby.

This year, he's due to head off to university to study Physics with Astrophysics. I'm having sleepless nights already.

We're going out for a meal tonight, and then we're having a small party on Saturday, to which Daniel's friends, and close family and family friends are invited to help us celebrate.

We're so proud of Daniel, he's grown to be a sensitive, mature (sometimes) and caring young man. He's got fantastic opportunities ahead of him so I hope he grabs them with both hands.

Happy birthday Daniel. xxx


  1. Happy Birthday Daniel!

    It's a big milestone, and one which all of mine have passed now ... typing that makes me feel so old.

  2. happy Birthday Daniel. What a handsome chap. Dx

  3. Happy Birthday and Congratulations on being 18 Daniel :]

  4. Happy birthday to Daniel!

    I know exactly what you mean about the years passing so fast. My daughter is 20, working (she didn't take up her place at university) learning to drive, and it's during her first drive in my car that it hit me that she is a young woman now, an adult. Not a little girl anymore although she will always be my little girl!

    What's important though is the happy memories of her life with me. We had such great times together and we have a wonderful relationship now.

    I'm sure it's the same for you and your son!

  5. Happy Birthday Daniel. Enjoy him while you can. Once he's at uni they grow up even quicker and become so independant they don't need us mums so much x

  6. Happy Birthday! That makes 4 people I know (or sort of) born today, including my youngest! She's 11 so I have a few more years to go before University and all grown up hits me. Have a good day!

  7. I know just how you feel - my daughter is 18 in July...
    Have a lovely birthday celebration with Daniel

  8. Happy Birthday to Daniel.
    Love from Mum

  9. Happy 18th to Daniel! Have a super party.

  10. Ahh happy 18th birthday, i bet you are very proud of him. Blimey it only seems like yesterday I was 18 and won't be too many years before my first born is that age :-0


    You've made your parents proud. I wish you a wonderful future. Reach for the stars!!!!!

    Sft x

  12. Happy, happy birthday Daniel! May your year ahead be full of wonder and promise! My eldest will turn 17 this year, Jo. Those years fly by so, so fast.


  13. Thank you for all your lovely comments. Daniel really enjoyed his birthday, he was thoroughly spoilt, just as it should be. The meal was lovely, we all enjoyed it. We're all looking forward to the party on Saturday night now.

  14. Happy Birthday to Daniel! I hope he enjoyed his birthday. Turning 18 is a special occasion. Physics with astrophysics...my head is aching just thinking about what that involves!

    Gillian x

  15. Happy birthday to D. and happy memories to you too. Hope the party goes well.

  16. Thank you. We're all looking forward to the party tonight.

  17. Many, many happy birthday wishes to Daniel!
    I hope you all enjoyed the party last night.
    Great way to spread out the celebrations, make the most of it I reckon!
    Lisa x

  18. Thank you. We had a great time at the party, everyone enjoyed it.