Friday, 7 September 2012

Back To The Dales

Last Friday saw us back in the Yorkshire Dales again, this time to visit Malham Cove. I absolutely love it in the Yorkshire Dales and never tire of the area, even though we visit it often.

We started off in Malham itself, a small village with a handy car park for walkers and a National Park information centre.

There's a traditional blacksmith's workshop in the village, Malham Smithy. There were lots of items here for the home and garden.

I wonder if the ironwork on this bridge, which we found behind the workshop, was made by the blacksmith. Can you see the decorative kingfisher?

As we walked through the village, a signpost guided us in the right direction.

It wasn't long before we could see Malham Cove in the distance.

This information tells us how the cove was formed many years ago.

It's not a very long walk, and the footpath makes it an easy walk, we even saw people walking with pushchairs. It's good that it's so accessible.

It wasn't long before we were right in front of the cove. There were two climbers on the face, though I don't think you can see them on this picture. It's about 260 feet high, I wouldn't fancy climbing it.

We decided that we would walk up the steps to the side of the cove to reach the top. There's over four hundred steps to climb in total.

You get a great view as you walk up the steps.

On top of the cove is a large area of limestone pavement.

This information board explains how it was formed.

The view from this point is spectacular. You can see the path which we walked down to reach the cove.

We just got back to the car in time before it started to rain, so we decided that we'd head off to Grassington on our way home to have a look around the shops.

I love Grassington, it's such a pretty village with lots of little shops.

Isn't this cottage gorgeous?

I absolutely loved this day out. I don't think you can beat a trip to the Yorkshire Dales.


  1. Lovely walk - 400 steps. I would have had to rest many times on the way up! Great view once you got there though.

  2. It is lovely to see the pictures of Malham - my son went there on a geography field trip and didn't take a single one!

    Pomona x

  3. Its a fantastic place isnt it Jo? You cant beat Yorkshire for the beautiful countryside can you?

  4. Wow, 400 steps that is quite the workout..well worth it for the lovely view though!
    Grassington sure looks like a sweet village to visit, I just adore the bunting and that cottage is gorgeous (love all the flowers in the front of it as well).
    Magie x

  5. For that stunning view it's worth the walk and all those steps.
    The cottage is very pretty, love red geraniums, they always look so jolly.
    Lisa x

  6. It looks and sounds like you had a most enjoyable day out.
    My knees would be protesting at walking up 400 steps! Flighty xx

  7. 400 steps - wow! I just love the Dales, they are so pretty. We are off to Pately Bridge today for a picnic, and the weather is perfect, hurrah! x

  8. I'm long overdue a trip to Malham Cove. As you remind us it is a fabulous place. xxx

  9. Thank you for all your lovely comments.

    June - I'll admit that I needed a few breaks on the way up, it was a long way.

    Pomona - What a shame your son didn't take any photos to remember his trip by. I hope mine bring back some happy memories for him.

    Anne - I love Yorkshire, I can't imagine living anywhere else.

    Clicky Needles - It was a lovely day out. The Yorkshire Dales can be relied upon to deliver.

    Magie - Grassington is one of the larger villages in the Dales. There's some really pretty little cottages there.

    Lisa - I've got some red geraniums at each side of the back door, they've been flowering all year and still going strong.

    Flighty - We had a lovely day out. My knees were knocking together on the way up, I don't like heights.

    Gillian - Hope you had a good day at Pateley Bridge, another lovely village.

    Diane - There's so many wonderful places and things to see in the Dales.

  10. I'd not seen this post before so pleased you linked back to it.

    All the best Jan