Monday, 11 June 2012

It's Not For Me

I've heard lots of people say how good The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson is, so I jumped at the chance of reading it when Mick's auntie offered to lend me the book.

Those of you who read my blog regularly will know that I'm on a mission to read at least one book each month this year as my reading habit had fallen by the wayside over the last few years. I only read a chapter or so each night when I go to bed, so it's nice to have a nice easy read, but I found The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo was too hard to get in to. It took me several nights to read just a couple of chapters, and as I was starting the third, I realised that I hadn't kept track of who was who and would have to go back to the start again, which I didn't want to do as I really wasn't enjoying it.

That's not to say that it isn't a good book. I often struggle with books at the start, but once I've got going I really enjoy them. I just don't think that this book is for me. I'm trying to get back in to reading so I want to look forward to picking up whichever book I'm reading, not dreading having to go back to the start as it's a struggle for me to read. I may go back to it at some point, but not for a while.

I've started reading the second book in The No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency series, Tears Of The Giraffe by Alexander McCall Smith. It's a nice gentle read, just what I need before sleep, and I'm engrossed already.

I popped in to the charity shops on Saturday and picked up five new books, two of Gervase Phinn's and three more in The No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency series.

The pile of books at the side of my bed is growing, I've got plenty to go at.


  1. Hi Jo,

    I had heard that it was a really good book and it's a shame you couldn't get into it. I haven't read it either and don't think I'll bother now haha. Hope you enjoy the next book you're reading, I love to read and always have something on the go. Lots of love xxx

  2. I've read, but didn't particularly enjoy, the Larsson book. I think that all the publicity well over-hyped it just to up the sales.
    I usually stick to easy reading cozy crime books for bedtime reading.
    Flighty xx

  3. I loved the Larson trilogy and read them one after the other - but I wouldn't want to read them again - and like you I am really into Alexander McCall Smith at the moment - I borrowed four from a neighbour and have another four on the bookshelf waiting to be read. As you say, nice gentle reading.

  4. The Larson books aren't my cup of tea either.
    I read The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory, last year and just couldn't put it down - I love books like that. They make you want to stay up all night to finish them :0)
    I'm a big fan of Alexander McCall Smith, and especially love the adventures of Precious. Jill x

  5. I found I had to get quite a way into it beford I got hooked. I ended up reading all 3. 1 after the other. Reading Grave Doubts by Elizabeth Corley at the moment, getting nothing done keep going back for just 1 more chapter.

  6. I had this for Christmas or my birthday a couple of years ago and I have only just got around to reading it. I really enjoyed it. I was talking about it with a friend and she said she tried to read it but couldn't get into it either but she saw the movie and then wished she has preserved with the book!
    Lisa x

  7. I was trying to read a book a month too - think I have failed though I started really well and then I read 15 graphic novels and I havent read anything since! I did read the girl with the dragon tattoo - I have to skim read over all the political stuff but I enjoyed the rest!

  8. I love to read but recently I have been too exhausted to read in bed, the minute my head hits the pillow I'm off.Anyway, I am trying to read a book by Deric Longden at the mo, a nice gentle read about his life with his blind wife and cats! Sounds a bit grim but its really lovely!

  9. I had the trilogy by my bed for a year and couldn't get into them at all - I was just about to give up when a friend said if I could get past the first 3 chapters I'd love it and she was right. Once I'd worked out who everyone was I couldn't put it down!

  10. I'm afraid I'm guilty of staying with the 'easy to read' and comfortable reads I'm used to.......the No 1 Ladies' Detective Agency series sounds like just my cup of tea..........I enjoyed listening to some of this series when they were read on Radio 4, so pretty sure I'd enjoy the books too.
    lily x

  11. Thank you for all your interesting comments, some very different points of view about this book. Isn't it funny how we all have such different tastes?

    I may go back to the book at some point in the future, I think it's one of those where you need to read a little way in before you're hooked.