Wednesday 16 November 2011

Jazzy Socks

I've finished the first of the Waving Not Drowning socks which I started a while ago. These are being knit in Laughing Yaffle yarn and it's so soft and squishy. They were supposed to be for my mum for Christmas but she has bigger feet than me, and so although they're a nice fit on me, I don't think they'll fit her.

I've decided to knit my mum a different pair of socks for Christmas and have chosen this jazzy Regia yarn to knit them in, they'll certainly be nice and bright. I'm using an easy plain pattern which I've used before, and which I know will fit her.

The Waving Not Drowning socks won't go to waste, I know a few pairs of feet which they'll fit perfectly.


  1. Nice socks! Thanks for the link I had a look I love the colors. One for my Christmas list. :)

  2. Just wondering, how many skeins for a pair of socks?

  3. The Yaffle socks look great. I've only knitted 2 pairs of socks but there's something very satisfying knitting with 4 needles and thinner wool. The pattern looks very complicated.
    I'm sure your mum will love her colourful socks. I must say that I'd have to start in June in order to have them finished by Christmas!
    Love from Mum

  4. I'm sure whoever wears them will feel very colourful and snuggly.
    Lisa x

  5. Lovely socks Jo. I love the colours of the wool your making your mums socks with.

  6. Well done on the Waving not Drowning. I used that pattern once and hated it from start to finish. Just plain old socks for me!

  7. Thank you for your comments. I'm a bit further on with my mum's Christmas socks now but I need to get cracking with them if I'm going to have them done in time for Christmas.

    Gail - Laughing Yaffle have some lovely colours. You only need one skein for a pair of socks.

    Mum - The pattern is quite easy actually, only one pattern row out of four, and the other three rows are just knit rows. I'm not a fast knitter so I need to get a spurt on with them.

    Clicky Needles - These are the first patterned socks I've knit and I'm quite enjoying knitting them, it's making a change from plain socks.

  8. Beautiful socks! I love the colour change yarn, very cheery!

  9. Thanks, Rachel. I'm loving knitting with the colour change yarn, wondering which colour will pop up next.

  10. hello
    the pattern of the socks are great.
    i love the yarn it looks fantastic.
    really nice socks.
    blessings regina

  11. Thank you, Regina. I'm enjoying knitting with the multi coloured yarn, it's so soft.