Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Kirkstall Abbey

I wanted to spend some time at the allotment on Sunday, so in the morning we decided to head somewhere close to home so that we wasn't out all day. It's years since I've been to Kirkstall Abbey, which is only at the other side of Leeds to where we live, but it seemed to fit the bill.

Kirkstall Abbey was founded in 1152 by some Cistercian monks who remained there until Henry VIII ordered the dissolution of the monasteries in 1534. The roofs were stripped of lead, though most of the buildings were left standing and used for agricultural purposes. It's now one of the most complete examples of a Cistercian abbey in Britain.

The River Aire runs along side the abbey, and we took a walk along the banks.

It's a haven for wildlife and I saw my first Orange Tip butterfly, though I was too slow to photograph it. It seems to be a good year for them as I've heard of many sightings recently. There were many Speckled Wood butterflies, the one here has a damaged wing, poor thing.

It's lovely to see bluebells out, and we came across some white bluebells on our walk.

Looking back to the abbey from the banks of the River Aire, you can imagine what a magnificent building this would have been.

We're lucky to have another long four day weekend this week, I'm looking forward to it.


  1. I can't wait for another long weekend either!

    Victoria xx

  2. It's lovely having all these days off to enjoy!
    I think my would love the Abbey for the hide and seek possibilites!
    Lisa x

  3. Hi Jo,

    Thank you sooo much for visiting my blog and commenting! I already have double the amount of followers which is great!

    I love my sewing box lol, I think you should get yours out and dust it off when you get a chance! Saying that I won't be using mine for a while - so busy! Looks like you had a lovely weekend! Beautiful photos!

    Yes thats my cat anya, I've had her since I was 11, she used to live with my mum, but a new kitten moved in and forced her out, so I've readopted her at our little flat, she's just settling in!

    I've never had a dog! What type is he/she?

    Jewel x

  4. I love Kirkstall Abbey, it's a pretty place. I'm looking forward to another long weekend too! XxX

  5. My daughter is going to be living in Headingly next year so we had a visit last week and passed Kirkstall Abbey. I really liked Headingly too - lots of lovely cafes and shops! You would love the sculpture park. Being a bight tight, we often park in the car park in the village hall at west bretton and spend walk down to the park along the lovely little road. We trhen spend our £4 in the fab cafe! xx

  6. Kirkstall Abbey looks like a lovely place Jo. Its such a shame so much damage was done to these magnificent abbeys during the Reformation.

    Monty looks a real character!

    Have a great long weekend. It's turned cooler here but still no rain. Im guessing it will pour down for the Big Day tomorrow!


  7. My sort of place to visit for a stroll round!
    Lovely photos, especially the butterfly. Flighty xx

  8. Long time since I've been to Kirkstall Abbey. I'm making a note of all the places you visit so come the summer holidays I will have a list of places to take the girls for days out. Keep them coming Jo.

  9. Thanks for all the comments.

    Lisa - Your kids would love to play hide and seek in the abbey, there's loads of little hidey holes.

    Thanks for visiting, Jewel. My dog is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. You can see photos of him if you look back through my posts. I'm sure Anya will much prefer to live with you than with a kitten, it's sometimes stressful for older animals to have younger ones move in.

    Diane - I don't think you're tight, just watching the pennies which we all have to do nowadays. Thanks for letting me know about West Bretton, we may park there too. We had decided to go to the sculpture park this weekend but events beyond our control have made us abandon the idea, see my next post. I don't really know Headingley all that well, it's at the other side of Leeds to where we live. It has a great wool shop though, Baa Ram Ewe. I take it your daughter will be studying at the university if she's to be living there, it's the student area of Leeds.

    Karen - I'll do my best. I find lots of inspiration from blogs too.