Thursday, 16 December 2010

The Owl Has Landed

How cute is this little owl? I have to say a huge thank you to Zoe at Scented Sweetpeas for hosting a giveaway, which I'm so happy to say, I won. I count myself very lucky indeed. Not only is the owl cute, but functional too as it's a hairclip and hairband holder. I've lost count of the number of times I have to tell Eleanor to tidy up her dressing table, hair accessories everywhere. Not anymore though, I know the little owl will give her the incentive to tidy away as she goes. Look at the cute little birdie on the end of the ribbon too, that's where there's a little loop to store hairbands. The hairclip holder was made by Marie at Heartfelt if you fancy one for yourself.

Zoe knows what a sucker I am for gardening and also slipped a packet of Nasturtium seeds in with the parcel. They will provide lots of colour in the garden and on the allotment.

Thank you very much, Zoe. Eleanor will be as thrilled as I am when she sees what's waiting for her on her return from school.

Talking of colour, I think we're going to be white over again soon. It's snowing quite hard here at the moment, though it isn't laying yet. There's lots more to come though if the forcast is to be believed.


  1. Hi - thanks for popping over to my blog earlier.
    What a great little prize to win - I'm sure your daughter will be thrilled.
    Jill x

  2. Great gifts - lucky you. We have had a fluttering today - as long as it keeps disappearing, I'm happy. xxx

  3. Oh yes - the snow is back! Keep warm - and what a fantastic prize! So nice when you all ready have a use for it!

  4. So glad oo oohh flew over to you OK :-) It is really cute isn't it - I got one for little sweetpea too :-)

  5. I've always been fascinated with owls!
    It's snowing and settling this morning which looks pretty, but I'm glad that I don't have to venture out in it! xx

  6. How cute is that owl! We have snow in Northern Ireland as well. Kelli

  7. Oh dear, it sounds like there's a lot of snow about. Eleanor was thrilled with the owl and it's now in use in her bedroom.