Wednesday, 28 July 2021

Settle Flowerpot Festival

Following on from my last post, while we were in Settle having lunch on our day out, we came across a number of flowerpot characters...

...we didn't know what they were all about at first but we soon discovered a sign taped to a lamppost. The Settle Flowerpot Festival. If I'd known about this before our trip I'd have devoted more time to it, I do enjoy a trail to follow.

Here are a selection of a few flowerpot characters that I snapped.

Some are better than others.

I've seen scarecrow trails before but never a flowerpot festival.

I think it's brilliant when a community comes together to put on this type of event.

There's some really creative people out there.

They were all over the town.

This one was in the car park and I think it was my favourite from the ones I took photos of.

Settle Flowerpot Festival runs throughout July and August, the last day being Sunday the 5th of September 2021. There are over 150 flowerpot creations on display throughout the town, three different flowerpot trails and a quiz available.

Kettlewell is another Dales village. It usually put on a scarecrow festival in August but it's unfortunately cancelled this year, as it was last year, because of coronavirus. If you'd like to see some scarecrows from years past you can take a look at my Kettlewell Scarecrow Festival and More From Kettlewell posts from back in 2014. We've visited this festival quite a few times.

There's always something new to see or do each time we visit the Yorkshire Dales, no wonder we return again and again.


  1. That Rupert is wonderful! (They all are but Rupert made me laugh.)

  2. I like Rupert best. That’s clever!

  3. Oh I like the Worzel Gummidge one! They're all so inventive.

  4. I love it Jo,especially dear Rupert. A favourite TV character whilst growing up. Thanks for sharing your photos. Cx

  5. What a lovely idea, and great fun for all concerned. xx

  6. Isn't that fun! I like the Tin Man and Rupert but they are all really good.

  7. What a lovely idea, great fun! I'll have to tell my son about it, I'm sure little Mikey would love it. xx

  8. They are all good but I love the Rupert Bear one best, it made me smile :)

  9. Okay Jo. I abso1utey 1ove this idea. I'm thinking I can rep1icate it somehow for a charity fundraiser for our Wi1d1ife Rehab Center. How do they attach the pots?

    1. I'm sorry, I have no idea. Perhaps glue? I really don't know.

  10. That's such a great idea with fantastic results. Well done Settle!

  11. Oh, I must go and see this! We visited around four years ago now, and it was so much fun. I have the sweetest photograph of Lily giggling, stood beside a flowerpot snail. Rupert looks fabulous! X

  12. Walking through town searching for flowerpot creations - so fun :)

  13. Lovely idea & Yorkshire folk love having fun & putting on displays about their villages. Thanks for sharing, take care & hugs.

  14. What a fun day! I loved them all.

  15. I think these type of festivals are so enjoyable.
    So pleased you shared these photographs, they made me smile.
    All the flowerpot creations are so good.

    Enjoy the remainder of your weekend.

    All the best Jan

  16. Oh, how fun are they! I love them