Thursday, 1 October 2020

Christmas Is Coming

We popped to the garden centre yesterday, I've got three very small house plants which are desperately in need of repotting. I've been looking for plant pots just a size up from the ones the plants are growing in at the moment and haven't been able to find any anywhere. I'd looked in this particular garden centre previously but decided to have another look and lo and behold, I managed to get some. My poor squashed plants will be heaving a sigh of relief.

I was lucky actually as there won't be hide nor hair of garden paraphernalia there soon. Yes, I know it's a garden centre but it's all but taken over by Christmas in the coming weeks. They're just starting to fill the shelves with their Christmas display so I thought I'd take a few photos to share with you.

We were hoping to get a new Christmas tree in the sales in January but we didn't come across a single one we liked. I don't know whether to make do with our old tree for another year or splash out. They did have some lovely trees to choose from but they're so expensive.

I loved this snow globe. It's electronic so you don't have to shake it to make it snow and it lights up too. So pretty.

How about these pop-up snow globe greetings cards. They don't have the live action snow effect but they are rather lovely.

I absolutely love these cards by Wrendale. I have a couple of mugs in these designs. It's just a shame that all ten cards in the box are of the same design, I would be very tempted if they were a mixture, though I may succumb and buy a box yet.

Santas, snowmen and penguins. Which one would you choose? I can't say I'm particularly taken by any of these.

Do you have outdoor decorations? We don't have any but I do like this snowman.

Only 85 sleeps to Christmas.


  1. We don't have outdoor decorations but we have plenty indoor ones. Here's hoping our lockdown will be over by Christmas and our family (3 households) will be allowed to get together! My fingers are tightly crossed!

  2. We won't be adding to Christmas decorations this year, I already have too many. We got our tree in January at half price, I got it on line so it was delivered here. Christmas tree world was the company and last year they replaced a part which had bent free if charge.

  3. I cringe when they put it all out so early, it kind of spoils things. Tom and my eldest son were born on 23rd December and this post reminds me to buy their cards, if I wait there will be none to choose from as all the Christmas cards take precedence.

  4. Your pre-Christmas post is delightful, Jo, but it's all too early for me. I haven't put out all of my autumn wreaths yet. I change the wreaths on the house doors and barn doors each season. I don't do much more decorating than that. P x

  5. The snow globes are very clever. 85 sleeps! yikes!!

  6. Love this time of year when the decorations start to appear. It does seem a little earlier than normal but that is perhaps due to the pandemic. We don't have outdoor decorations its too windy here on the Island.

  7. It's far too early for me, the garden centres near me are doing the same, one of them has a 10% sale this weekend to kick start the Christmas season. I don't have outdoor decorations and very few indoor ones too. When my grandson gets a bit older I will make more of an effort but there doesn't seem much point when you live on your own. I wonder what kind of Christmas it will be this year will we even be able to see our family. x

  8. We don't have outdoor decorations but I do put white fairy lights along the window ledge. Garden centres often become like Santa's Grotto at this time of year. The way this year is going, Christmas will be upon us before we know it. X

  9. We have a hard and fast rule in our house, absolutely no Christmas until the Thanksgiving dishes are washed, dried and put away! I have quite a collection of snowmen. I like them because they can be the decorations until Valentine's Day! I agree with mamasmercantile... I think people are nervous about another shutdown so they are trying to be prepared.

  10. Oh (rein)dear, it's a little early for me. Our crazy year makes me feel I've missed a few months as well. Still it all looks really cheery and colourful, doesn't it.

  11. I like the snow globes.
    Wrendale do have some fabulous cards don't they.

    It's quite frightening that Christmas really isn't that far away.

    Happy Friday to you.

    All the best Jan

  12. Oh dear, where has this year gone? I am wondering if that is the garden centre not far from you that I popped into last year & bought some goodies for my 2 of my sister-in-laws. They had a good selection of items for terrariums. Love the cards. I'm not thinking of Xmas yet, as we may not be able to see any of the kids or grandkids.......though maybe it will be slightly better than we think. Take care, stay safe & huggles.

  13. 85? Oh my goodness!! I usually like to keep Christmas in December, certainly until after Remembrance Sunday, but this year has been so horrible that I think that many people are going to go for it early, and in big style. I've even found myself thinking about Christmas trees. I'd love outdoor decorations but my front garden is a postage stamp and I think they'd get nicked, sadly. x

  14. We haven't even had Halloween yet. Goodness, that display is early. Some cute things though, I do like those animal

  15. As soon as my niece's birthday is out of the way I start to think about Christmas, although I have no idea how it will look this year.
    Our local garden centres are much the same, I do enjoy looking around and maybe picking up a new decoration. I've been looking for a snowglobe for a while and I love the idea of an electric one that doesn't require shaking, all the fun, none of the effort, it would be so relaxing to just sit and watch it.
    When it comes to the tree I'd go in a week or two before Christmas and hope they'll start to reduce them. They look so real these day's don't they? The one we had when I was growing up wouldn't have fooled anyone! :)