Tuesday 14 February 2012

Finished Items

One of my new year challenges was to have a finished item, either knitted or crocheted, each month.

At the end of 2011, I still had a pair of Waving Not Drowning socks on the go, so before I started anything else, I wanted to get these finished.

They are the first pair of socks I've knit which haven't been plain, and the pattern choice was a good one, nice and easy. I used Laughing Yaffle yarn and the socks are really squishy. I popped them on the sock blockers but they actually need blocking properly yet.

You can see the pattern better in this photo, though the colour is nothing like.

I realise that it's cheating to say that these are my January's finished item as they were actually started before the start of the month, right back in September. They were originally going to be a Christmas present for my mum, but were put on a back burner when I realised that they weren't going to fit. They've now been claimed by Eleanor.

After finishing off the socks, I wanted something really easy which I'd be able to start and finish in January, and what better than dishcloths. I started off with Grandmother's Favourite Dishcloth pattern, but my first attempt came out really small so I had another go on larger needles and this gave a much better size. I wasn't particularly taken with the pattern though, it's worked corner to corner and makes for quite an odd shape, certainly not square.

I've got quite a bit of cotton left so I thought I'd have a go at another dishcloth, this time with a pattern. I chose Cluster Stitch Dishcloth pattern, but again it came out rather small. I think it would be a better size on a larger needle again.

I've been trying to resist buying any more yarn at the moment, but Lily from Making It Vintage found a bargain too good to miss on Kemps Wool Shop website, Regia World College Color for only £3.99 per 150g. This usually retails at £10.95 so it's a real bargain. I succumbed and bought three balls. It's thicker than what I usually use, but will make some lovely thicker winter socks.

A new project has been started for February, and I'm still cracking on with my granny square blanket, albeit slowly.


  1. Great stuff! I am onto February's item now! Enjoying the challenge.

  2. You are clever Jo. Those socks look so complicated. I haven't knitted for years and I have never tried anything with a pattern.

  3. Your socks are beautiful Jo, the pattern is lovely, it's a shame they were too small for your mum.........Oh dear, sorry I enticed you to Kemps, but the Regia College sock yarn is lovely and such a bargain...........I've nearly finished my first pair of socks with this yarn and I love them. xx

  4. Love the socks... they look nice and warm.
    Happy Valentine's Day!
    Susan x

  5. Those socks are gorgeous! Happy Valentine's Day from Worcestershire. Jx

  6. I really like the cluster stitch. I've knitted a pile of dishcloths that really are too small. I find the larger ones better as well.
    I must find all my sock needles. You've inspired me.
    Love from Mum

  7. Those new balls of ball were a bargain and just look at the fab colours they are too.
    Lovely new socks for Eleanor.
    I seem to remember seeing some patterns on the Down to Earth blog ages ago for dishcloths.
    Lisa x

  8. These are great! love the socks, they came out beautifully! The dishtowels are so pretty too, love the nice white color :)

  9. Thank you for all your lovely comments, they really brighten my day.

    Lily - You're forgiven. I'm actually rather pleased that I succumbed, I'm looking forward to casting on.

    Mum - Dig out your needles and join in with the sock knitting craze.

    Lisa - I'll have to look for the dishcloth patterns, I've still got some cotton to use up.

  10. I've never knitted socks but might just give it a go now I've seen yours. What cotton yarn did you use for the dish cloths? Amanda

  11. Definitely have a go at socks, Amanda, but be warned, you'll be addicted once you've knit one pair. I used Pegasus Craft Cotton for the dish cloths.