Friday, 22 April 2011


If we won the lottery, Mick would buy a property in Barbados. I wouldn't have to travel that far afield to find Heaven on Earth, my purchase would be somewhere in the Yorkshire Dales. I remember trips to Appletreewick from when I was a child, and I'm sure the Dales will feature somewhere in my children's memories too, we've been taking them since before they could walk or talk.

Today, we travelled to Burnsall, it's a place we've visited many times. There's a field at the side of the River Wharf where you can park your car and have a picnic. Doesn't it look idylic?

If I zoom out a little you can see that there's a lot of other people who had the same idea.

It was Archie's first time to the Dales and he was eager to get in the river.

Mick and Archie weighed it up.

Archie thought it was very refreshing.

It was a hectic day, chilling out by a river, eating a picnic, whiling away the time, both Archie and Eleanor were zonked out on the way home.

Where is your 'Heaven on Earth'?


  1. I have to say right now I'm loving my clean and tidy front room... candles lit... tv on... laptop on my lap... now that is heaven!!!

    Have a lovely Easter weekend,

    Victoria xx

  2. We go to Helen GA.

  3. What an idealplace for a picnic in the sun.Not sure where my best place would be, have to give that some thought.
    Lisa x

  4. aahh Archie is such a cutie! hhmm probably my parents place in Mallorca, in the middle of the hills, no phone or tv just nature :-)

  5. At the moment my 'Heaven on Earth' is my plot and if I could chose elsewhere it would be somewhere like Carol Klein's cottage and garden! Flighty xx

  6. Thanks for your comments, it's nice to hear of other people's favourite places.