Sunday, 20 February 2011

Dog Walking For Charity

I don't usually post three times in three days, but we've had such a lot going on this weekend.

Today we were up bright and early to take part in a sponsored dog walk in aid of St. Gemma's Hospice, which is situated in Moortown in Leeds. It's the largest hospice in West Yorkshire and the fourth largest in England. The estimated running costs of the hospice for 2010/2011 is £8 million and the majority of this needs to be raised through donations, fundraising, legacies and through the chain of charity shops. The £68.50 which we've raised so far through sponsorship seems very little, but of course, every penny really does count.

When I saw the snow which fell quite heavily yesterday morning, I wondered if we would be taking part today at all, but luckily it melted very quickly and had turned to slush by yesterday evening. This morning there wasn't a trace of snow left near us.

Registration was at 9am, then off we set for our three mile walk around the border of Golden Acre Park.

There weren't as many people there as I'd expected, however, there were many just turning up as we finished the walk so I expect it will have been a success.
As we passed an open field, we let Archie off his lead to have a run. There was lots of mud and Archie was soon covered in it.

Although the snow had gone where we live, there was still quite a bit of it around in the park.

The daffodils are ready to bloom, yet here they are amongst the snow. The snowdrops were resolutely closed. I'm sure they'll open up once they see a bit of sunshine.

At the end of the walk we got some vouchers for some hot drinks. The hot chocolate was delicious and very welcome.

There was no way I was going to let this filthy dog near my carpets, so it was straight in the bath for him.

We got a certificate for taking part and Archie got a goody bag containing lots of treats.

Now we just have to collect all the sponsor money in.


  1. Amazingly weescaped thesnow - well so faranyway! Willprobably be eating my words come the morning! Verycold here tonight!

  2. What a lovely treat for Archie! :)

  3. We had snow emley moor too - good luck with the charity work.

  4. Look at the state of Archie, Had to laugh.

  5. What an enjoyable and worthwhile way to raise money for charity. Well done, and nearly £70 is a good sum!
    I hope that Archie was given a treat after getting cleaned up. Flighty xx

  6. Yep - we got the snow too! Bet you are glad he's not a huge dog! xxxx

  7. what a wonderful thing to do and Archie got treats as well (even better)

  8. looks like Archie enjoyed his walk and a hot bath too! Great idea and for a good cause, wish someone would do that near me.

  9. Thanks for your comments, everyone.

    Flighty - I was quite pleased with raising £70, it's a decent amount. Archie is always getting treats, Mick says I'm going to make him in to a fat dog.

    Diane - I remember my mum and dad bathing our labrador when I was little, they got him clean but had to wash down the bathroom from floor to ceiling afterwards.

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  11. Thank you for your comment, Dog Walking. We had a great time on the walk and hope to do it again next year.